The Race Series

In addition to the individual weekends, Canicross Midlands run a series that lasts the whole season with prizes. Please note that Novice and Odds & Bods are not series races and are not part of the series.

Everyone who completes enough series races to qualify for the series will automatically be awarded a series medal at the end of the season.

How does the series work? 

Over a season we hold five race weekends

  • October (2 days)
  • November (2 days)
  • January (2 days)
  • February/March (2 days)
  • Easter (4 days)

There are a total 12 race days across the season. To qualify for the series you need to complete 7 races, in the same class, (only 3 from Easter can be counted).

Points are allocated for each days results starting at 10 point for first place, 9 points for second place and so on down to one point for everyone who finishes.

The maximum number of points you can achieve is 70 (7 races gaining 10 points). If you complete more than 7 races then your lowest scores in the series are discarded.

For example

  • September: Saturday - 8 points, Sunday - 9 points
  • November: Saturday - 9 points, Sunday - 9 points
  • December: Saturday - 10 points, Sunday - 10 points
  • January: Saturday - 8 points, Sunday - 8 points
  • February/March: Saturday - 8 points, Sunday - 6 points
  • Easter: Friday - 7 points, Saturday - 7 points, Sunday - 9 points, Monday - 9 points

The results in Green would be counted making a total of 65 points, results in red would be discarded

If two people are tied at the end of the series we look at the discarded results, if they are tied after that then we look at the last time the people raced against each other.