Here are a summary of our rules. To read the full version, please click here.

Please enter before the deadline stated on the race entry page. No late entries or entries on the day will be allowed.

Dogs must be at least 12 months old to compete in canicross, and 18 months old for bikejor or scooter.

Make sure you and your dog are wearing the correct kit, and your dog is running in a suitable harness. No dogs will be allowed to run on a lead and collar.

Choke chains / collars, spray collars, electric collars, slip leads, head collars and harnesses that restrict breathing while a dog is pulling are all forbidden during racing and will lead to disqualification. 

Electric collars are forbidden on site at all times.

E-bikes and E-scooters are forbidden during racing.     

You can run the same dog in 1x long course class and 1x short course class each day. You cannot run the same dog in 2 or more long course classes on the same day.

If you have a bitch in season you must notify the race organiser in advance. Pregnant dogs are not permitted to compete.

Reactive dogs are permitted to compete. Any competitor competing with a reactive dog must notify the race organiser. If you are racing a reactive dog it is strongly advised to wear high visibility clothing with the words 'REACTIVE' on the back, to alert passing teams.

Open basket muzzles are allowed and it is advised that reactive dogs wear yellow bandanas / use yellow lines or otherwise draw attention to their requirement for space.

The race number contains your timing chip, please wear this on your front so it is visible to the marshals.

No headphones or music allowed when racing. This may impede your ability to hear an approaching team. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

Bikes and scooters shall be equipped with an efficient brake on each wheel, and riders much wear a helmet approved by a national test registry. When on site, if you are riding your bike (with or without your dog) you MUST wear your helmet.

If you miss your start time tell the race organiser ASAP. They will try to accommodate you where possible with a new start time.

If you cannot complete the course, report to the nearest marshal.

Any rude behaviour, bullying or abuse from competitors or spectators, before, during, after a race weekend or online towards marshals, the core team, fellow competitors or the land owners is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with accordingly.

The kids races are designed to be FUN! Please use a suitable size dog, and one that isn't reactive. If the dog is not deemed to be a suitable size/temperament for the kids race, the race officials will not allow the team to race. Only 1 dog is allowed to run with the child/adult. The adult must be in line with or behind the child, not in front dragging them.

When overtaking another team, be sure to call out early, clearly and loudly that you are passing and on which side.  Give the runner in front the time to move to the side before you start to pass and when passing give plenty of room. If you are the one being overtaken, keep to the side and allow the passing team to get by safely.

Prize giving is on the Sunday after the races have finished. Prizes must be collected by the person who won them, or someone they nominate. Failure to collect will mean you forfeit the prize. Prizes will not be held until the next race wekeend, or posted. This year we also have specially made rosettes for last place in each catagory, so do stick around for prize giving to support your fellow competitors and to see if you win a prize.

We may shorten the distances as needed for safety depending on conditions.

If the temperatures are deemed too hot, the courses will be shortened. In extreme heat they will be run dogless. For more information on our temperature cut offs, click here.


- If you wish to cancel your entry BEFORE the official posted closing date (usually midnight Friday the weekend before the race), you will be issued with a gift card for 75% of your entry costs. The gift card will have an expiry date of 31st Aug of the current racing season.
- If you wish to cancel your entry AFTER the closing date, but BEFORE 18.00 on the Thursday before the race, you will receive a gift card for 50% of the value of your entry.
- AFTER 18.00 on the Thursday before the race, you will not receive any refund.
- All gift card values and/or refunds are at the discretion of the Canicross Midlands committee.
If you wish to cancel, please email
You CANNOT resell or give away your place, or let anyone else enter under your name. Anyone found doing this will be banned from future race weekends.