Who can take part?

Anyone can take part!

There are no age restrictions for training runs, but most organised events will impose restrictions for certain distances or classes. Care should be taken to ensure you are aware of the proposed distance of a run before taking part, but we welcome any age and ability and never leave anybody behind!


For our race events we split Canicross age groups to:

  • Under 8
  • Under 12
  • Under 16
  • Open (17-39)
  • Masters (40-49)
  • Veteran (50+)

For our races Bikejor and Scooter age groups are split into:

  • Juniors (11-16)
  • Open (17+)


Please note dogs must be over the following ages to compete at our races:

Canicross - 12 months

Short Course Wheels - 16 months

Long Course Wheels - 18 months