What happens on race day?

The usual order for a race day is 

  • Long Course Wheels (5km Bikejor & Scooter)
  • Long Course Canicross
  • Short Course Wheels (3km Bikejor, Scooter & novice)
  • Short Course Canicross (3km, Novice & 13-16's)
  • 1.5k Course Canicross (Odds & Bods & 8-12's)
  • 800m Course Canicross (under 8's)

Course lengths are typical distances but depending on the technical complexity of a course they may be slightly longer or slightly shorter.

Before you start

Canicross Midlands use a chip timimng system so it is important that you collect your race number from the Canicross Midlands tent before you start. If you are competeing on two days your number stays the same on both days. If you are entered in multiple classes you will seperate numbers for each class.

Do not cross the finish line with your number on unless you are actually racing  as this will cause a false reading.

For each race you will have a start time. It is important that you start on time as this can impact your finish time.

As with us eating just before exercise is not a good idea, if you are going to feed your dog before racing it is recommended to allow a couple of hours for your dog to digest their food.

At the start

At the start you will find members of the race team to help you. They will make sure that you are in the correct order and if you need help handling you dogs at the start they will endeavour to assist.

You will be given a countdown from the starter, then away you go!

At the finish

When you cross the line your time will be logged automatically. 


A full set of results are published after each day.

Times for the two days are combined to give an overall time for the weekend, this will determine your overall position in your race class.

After racing is completed on the Sunday the weekend results will be announced and prizes awarded.

You are welcome to only race one day, but you will not qualify for an overall prize/placing from the weekend.