6.4 Passing

 6.4.1 If one competitor is travelling more quickly and wishes to pass the competitor in front of them they will clear shout out Passing on your then indicate which side they wish to pass, either left or right.  
 6.4.2 The competitor being passed will move to the farthest point of the course to allow the faster competitor to pass them, for example the if a person behind you calls passing on your left then you should move as far to the right as possible to allow the faster competitor to pass.  
 6.4.3 Where the course is too narrow to pass the slower competitor should find the first available point to allow the faster competitor to pass, even if this means that the slower competitor needs to stop to allow a faster competitor to pass safely.  
 6.4.4 Competitors found to be wilfully blocking a faster competitor will be disqualified.  
 6.4.5 Where a faster competitor is attempting to pass a reactive dog they will stay behind until the competitor with the reactive dog informs them that it is safe to pass.