6.2 During the race

 6.2.1 A team and athlete shall run the full course as established by the race-giving organization.  
 6.2.2 If a team leaves the trail, the athlete shall return the team to the point at which they left the trail.  
 6.2.3 An athlete shall not interfere with a competing team.  
 6.2.4 No one shall assist a team by wilfully pacing it.  
 6.2.5 In a dual start, at the end of the chute, and whenever two trails join together, the team with the lead dog farthest ahead shall have the right of way.  
 6.2.6 If a mass start is organized, all the competitors of the same class shall wait together behind the starting line holding their dog by the collar or the harness. If they cannot all stay on one line, they shall set more lines as required. Seeded competitors, if any, shall stay on the first line(s) ahead of the non-seeded competitors.  
 6.2.7 Temperatures – should the race day temperature and humidity be judged by the organisers to be forecast too high for racing then the start times will be adjusted forward and this will be made known to the competitors by social media and if possible by email.