6.1 At the start


In Canicross classes, the entire team, with the competitor holding his/her dogs by the collar or the harness, shall stay behind the starting line until the start signal has been given.  
 6.1.2 In scooter and bikejoring classes, the front wheel shall determine the starting point of the team and shall stay behind the starting line until the start signal has been given.   
 6.1.3  The elapse time for all teams shall begin at the scheduled time of departure as displayed on the race clock.  
 6.1.4  A competitor that fails to be in the starting position at their scheduled starting time or within half of the starting interval after the scheduled starting time shall be declared a late starting team, and shall receive a new starting time in its class if possible, or in a subsequent class racing on the same course. Should a dog team with a reactive dog be scheduled to start at the end of that class, then the late team may be further delayed to give that team space to compete safely.   
 6.1.5  A late-starting team shall not usually be allowed to start until after the last team entered in its class has started, and after the prescribed starting interval.  
 6.1.6 A team not clearing the Starting Chute (minimum distance, 30 meters) prior to the scheduled start of the next team may be disqualified but more likely they will be assisted out of the start chute and offered a re-start at the end of the class.  
 6.1.7 Unless otherwise specified by the Race Marshal, assistance in the Starting Chute shall be allowed.