5. Equipment


Choke chains / collars, spray collars, electric collars, slip leads, harnesses that restrict breathing while a dog is pulling are all forbidden during racing.

5.2 Dogs must not have a line attached between collar and the athelete. A line between two dogs may be attached, somethimes referred to as a 'neck line'. 

Whips are forbidden.


Open basket muzzles are allowed and it is advised that reactive dogs wear yellow bandanas / use yellow lines or otherwise draw attention to their requirement for space.


A racing number for each athlete shall be display this number on the front his/her person throughout the race


The competitor should not be wearing shoes that could be dangerous for dogs. No hardened or metal studs or spikes may be used.


The competitor shall not use a personal music device on the course as this can impede their ability to hear other competitors that might be calling to overtake. Competitors failing to comply with this rule will be disqualified.

5.8   Bikejor & Scooter

The dog shall be attached to the bicycle by a snub line with shock absorber.


The bicycle/scooter shall be equipped with an efficient brake on each wheel.

5.8.3  All competitors must wear a helmet approved by a national test registry.

Wearing gloves and body armour is recommended.


Eye protection (googles, glasses, visor, etc.) is strongly recommended