4. Dogs


Any team or dog coming to the starting line which, in the opinion of the Race Marshals, is unfit or incapable of safely completing the trail, shall be disqualified.


Any team or dog disqualified in any heat of the race is not eligible to compete in the remainder of the race.


Dogs participating in a race must be at least 12 months old and for wheeled sports  they shall not compete until 18 months old (16 months for courses 3km or shorter).


Any dog having raced in one open class of a race shall not be eligible to race in another open class on the same day but they may race in one or more short course (see section 9 – race categories) races in addition to the open course.


Disease. No dog or equipment shall be brought from a kennel or home where rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis or any other contagious disease exists. If a veterinarian diagnoses any dog present in the race area to have a contagious disease, that team shall be disqualified and shall immediately leave the race area.  21 days must have past, before a dog that has been exposed to possible contagion is allows to compete.


At races, no one is allowed to perform any medical treatment to the dogs without authorisation by a veterinarian or in the case of emergency by a pet first aider.


Abuse of dogs, with or without an implement, shall be prohibited. If a competitor, in the opinion of the Race Marshal abuses a dog, that competitor shall be disqualified.


Bitches in season,  if a competitor has a bitch in season they must notify the race organiser and will only be allowed to compete with that dog at the discretion of the race organiser.


Pregnant dogs are not permitted to compete.


Reactive dogs are permitted to compete. Any competitor competing with a reactive dog must notify the race organiser.  Section 5 details permissible equipment for reactive dogs.