3. Responsibility


The athlete shall not hold the organiser responsible for any claim, based on any action or non-action by the competitor, their dogs, or others acting on their behalf. The competitor shall also release the organiser from any claim resulting from injury to the competitor, their dogs, or property.


The organizer has the authority with regards to pictures and the gathering of information (within data protection limitations) on the competition and all participants involved, as well as to the use of such pictures and information for advertising, public relations or any other publicity purpose related to the competition. Any athlete that wishes their image to be restricted from use in such publications should make this known in writing to the race organisers.


Any athlete disqualified in any heat of the race is not eligible to compete in the remainder of the race event. For example if an athlete is disqualified from the first race on a Saturday morning they will not be allowed to compete in any other race that weekend. No refunds shall be given.


Athletes must attend the briefing held prior to the start of races. If an athlete is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances they are responsible for obtaining a briefing from officials prior to the start of the competition.


Athletes shall not hinder- or endanger the welfare of their dogs, the progress of the event or discredit the sled dog sports. Offenders shall be disqualified.


All competitors shall be responsible for the conduct of their dogs, their handlers, and themselves whenever in the race area or on the trail.


Common sense and good sportsmanship shall prevail. If the Race Marshal determines that a competitor’s, handler’s or team’s conduct at any time in the race area or on the trail is detrimental to the sport/race, that team shall be disqualified.


In principle loose dogs are not allowed at the race area. However, the Race Marshal has the right to waive this rule if he is convinced that it is in the interests of the teams, and that competitors are in full control of their dogs. The latter meaning, that the loose dogs will not bother other dogs, the stakeout area, or equipment of participants or others.


All efforts will be made to provide an off lead exercise area for dogs at the race venue.